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Botswana 50


The Botswana 50th Anniversary promotional items concept designs seek to symbolize the country’s celebration of immense achievement in terms of infrastructure development, human capital, services, gross domestic product and many others – encapsulated in the Botswana 50th Anniversary logo and portrayed throughout the materials.

The actual design application on these promotional materials respects culture as a pivotal and instrumental pillar in nation building and communicating to children esteemed values, moral standards, ethical behavior and deontological practice as well as taboos that help shape the future of the nation and seek to instill all of these by communicating them all though these everyday items which appeal to the subconscious mind and seal the national message in harmony.

The ease and elegance of the designs ensure that they are acceptable by the old and young alike, without casting connotated shadows of age and any other belonging outside of national pride and unity, all culminating in the Botswana 50th Anniversary celebration.


Botswana 50